GMGD Podcast 012 - Wait Until 8th

GMGD Podcast 012 - Wait Until 8th

Many parents today are feeling the mounting social pressures to get children their own smartphones. My guest today says she was astounded when she saw some kids in her community as young as 1st or 2nd grade with their own smartphones. When she spoke to the other parents in her community, they agreed it was a good idea to delay, but they knew they’d be fighting the norm. They set out to make the choice easier on both parents, and their children by using peer pressure in a positive way.

Brooke Shannon and that group of parents from her daughter’s school banded together to form Wait Until 8th. The organization urges parents to wait until at least 8th grade to give their children their own smartphones.  In our discussion, Brooke explains how the pledge works, and why it empowers parents. We also speak about the potential dangers of social media and geotagging and go in depth on some of the downfalls of excessive screen time. We also touch on the psychological reasons wait to give your children smartphones and the research that supports the decision. As we wrap up,  Brooke outlines some great resources to help parents and children fulfill the pledge.

My hope is that our discussion will arm you with some talking points for your conversations with other parents in your community. These are not issues our parents had to deal with and resources are somewhat limited. Wait Until 8th provides the tools you need to make an informed decision. Please enjoy.

GMGD Podcast 011 Driven with Charlie Brenneman

GMGD Podcast 011 Driven with Charlie Brenneman

My guest this week is "The Worlds Toughest Life Long Learner". He's a coach and public speaker, delivering relentless motivation five days a week as the host of the AM Excellence (AMX) and Spaniard 101 podcasts. Using his experiences as a former UFC fighter, 2 time Pennsylvania high school wrestling state runner up, and the winner of season 1 of Spike TV's Joes vs. Pros (among a ridiculously long list of other accomplishments) he offers insight on how to convey excellence in whatever you do. 

Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman left his job as a middle school Spanish teacher to pursue a career as an MMA fighter with only two qualifications- a pretty impressive wresting background, and a will to succeed. Not only did he attain his goal of reaching the "big-time" in the UFC, but he fought the best of the best, including Rick Story, Johnny Hendricks, and Erick Silva.

Today we discuss his book, "Driven: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cage", as Charlie shares his story and talks about being the best husband and father he could be while training and developing a career in the UFC. We also discuss the role of family and community in his success, and how he is able to stay true to himself throughout the process. Everything Charlie does is the epitome of hard work and enthusiasm and I think you'll find this interview to be no different.

GMGD Podcast 004 What is Normal? with Vaughn Smith

In this episode of the Good Men Great Dads Podcast- I speak with Vaughn Smith- Educator, Sponsored Crossfit athlete, Husband and Father. We cover the four pillars of Good Men Great Dads; Family, Faith, Fitness and Finance. Ever wonder how a Chinese farmer or a three legged dog could make you a better man? Vaughn drops some knowledge bombs in regards to getting the most out of your day- fitting fitness into your hectic schedule, dealing with day to day inconveniences, and finding gratitude in all aspects of your life.  No matter what your goals are for 2018, this episode is bound to resonate with you.


  • Setting up a routine

  • Put the important stuff in your calendar

  • What’s your “Why”?

  • Protecting your time

  • The story of the Chinese farmer

  • Dealing with minor inconveniences

  • Fostering a growth mindset in your children

  • Be careful with who you allow in your “village”

  • Syrup war of 2004

  • What is normal?

  • Why Vaughn loves getting bills in the mail

  • Learning to delay gratification

  • What is the first word that pops into your head when you think of your dad?

  • Would your kids be proud of what you’re doing?

  • Which dog are you feeding?

  • Sharpening your saw



The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

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GMGD 002 Making the Most of your Child’s Education with Mike Flanagan

GMGD 002 Making the Most of your Child’s Education with Mike Flanagan

My guest today is former State Superintendent of Michigan schools Mike Flanagan. Mr. Flanagan’s list of duties, accomplishments, and awards is extensive and prestigious. Mr. Flanagan’s unique insight will help you make the most of your child’s education. We discuss the state of public education, why reading to your children is important, how to foster a growth mindset in your children, standardized testing, how to properly advocate for your children. This episode is one you’re going to want to keep in your downloads for a while.