GMGD Podcast 012 - Wait Until 8th

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Many parents today are feeling the mounting social pressures to get children their own smartphones. My guest today says she was astounded when she saw some kids in her community as young as 1st or 2nd grade with their own smartphones. When she spoke to the other parents in her community, they agreed it was a good idea to delay, but they knew they’d be fighting the norm. They set out to make the choice easier on both parents, and their children by using peer pressure in a positive way.

Brooke Shannon and that group of parents from her daughter’s school banded together to form Wait Until 8th. The organization urges parents to wait until at least 8th grade to give their children their own smartphones.  In our discussion, Brooke explains how the pledge works, and why it empowers parents. We also speak about the potential dangers of social media and geotagging and go in depth on some of the downfalls of excessive screen time. We also touch on the psychological reasons wait to give your children smartphones and the research that supports the decision. As we wrap up,  Brooke outlines some great resources to help parents and children fulfill the pledge.

My hope is that our discussion will arm you with some talking points for your conversations with other parents in your community. These are not issues our parents had to deal with and resources are somewhat limited. Wait Until 8th provides the tools you need to make an informed decision. Please enjoy.


  • How does the pledge work?

  • What sparked the idea for a pledge?

  • How many families have signed the pledge so far?

  • Why 8th Grade?

  • Research to support why parents should  wait to give their children smartphones

  • Lack of basic social skills

  • strategies on talking to your children about it

  • What if your kid already has a smartphone?

  • How to talk to your children about responsible smartphone use

  • Tips for reducing or even eliminating screen time?



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