GMGD Podcast 009 Surrounding Yourself with the Right People with Dwayne Hayes

Surrounding yourself with a network of strong individuals is not a new concept. For centuries leaders, dignitaries, and politicians have held this practice in high regards.  Why then, is this not common practice with everyday men like you and I? My guest today contends that every many should build a community around himself not only for his own good. But for the good of his family.

In this episode I speak with Founder and Managing Editor of Stand Magazine, Dwayne Hayes.  In his work at Stand, Dwayne has written many articles that outline the skills of building a network. We discuss in depth, how to develop a network of strong individuals who can help you thrive both personally and professionally.  We discuss perpetuating healthy communities, we disprove the lone wolf misconception and learn how to recognize the strengths of others, even when they annoy you.  As we wrap up we’ll discuss how this ties in to growing as a husband and a father and finally, what to do, and what not to do, when you’re looking to expand your network.


  • "Men Who Give A Damn"

  • Think about your legacy

  • Perpetuating healthy communities

  • Breaking the Lone Wolf Misconception

  • We are what we consume

  • Everyone can teach you something

  • How to recognize the strengths in others

  • How to expand your network


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