GMGD Podcast 008 Celebrate Calm with Kirk Martin

Have you had your share of dealing with disrespectful, unmotivated, irresponsible, or untruthful kids? Are you wondering why you’re navigating through a relationship that is less than it used to be with your wife?

 My guest today has made his living for the past 20 years as an authority in the field of parenting and relationships. He and his son have educated over 600,000 families how to take control of their home and regain the respect of their children and spouses. Today I speak with Kirk Martin, Founder of Celebrate Calm.  In my discussion with Kirk, we talk about his parenting wake up call, breaking the generational cycle of ineffective parenting, growing in to your leadership position within your home, and a lot more.  Kirk goes further in-depth on the three questions most asked by men, and shares some practical knowledge regarding connecting with your kids and wife. Kirk also provides examples and strategies for dealing with many of parentings inconveniences.   I think you’ll find his sense of humor and no drama approach are a welcome departure from stuffy relationship experts. Get ready for a healthy dose of truth as you enjoy this weeks episode of the Good Men Great Dads Podcast!


  • Only when you can control yourself will you be able to control your kids

  • Just lay down

  • Kirk’s wake up call

  • Break the cycle

  • Ask, "Whats my part in this?"

  • Releasing the victim mentality

  • Is your eight year old son managing your emotions?

  • Putting your energy into building relationships vs. your career

  • Instilling “what it takes to be successful” in your six year old is not necessary

  • Why you need to put away your parental expectations

  • Kids learn from making mistakes- don’t rob them of that

  • Parental pressure is a myth

  • Schedule fewer commitments

  • Focus on the positive things your kids do, not the negative

  • Do you want your kids friends playing at your house?

  • You ARE a leader in your home whether you realize it or not

  • Choose your language carefully

  • Be “the quarterback” of your home

  • “How Do I get calm?”

  • How do I get my kids to listen?

  • How do I connect with my wife?

  • How to blow your wife away

  • Your wife is probably overwhelmed

  • Stop proving your point

  • One thing your wife will never say

  • It is not your job to fix her problems- it is your job to listen

  • Connecting with your kids

  • Instituting Agenda-free time

  • Building a connection around something they’re interested in

  • “Enjoy your child”

  • Dads are irreplaceable in your home


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