GMGD Podcast 007 Faith in Real Life with Micah Jelinek

In this episode I talk with Micah Jelinek. Micah is a Pastor at Oak Pointe Church Milford. He and I discuss the idea of faith, why faith is important, even if you aren't religious, how to model critical thinking within your children when it comes to faith and religion, how your can grow your faith in parenting and family relationships, and why books and art are the best place to start when exploring your faith.. Micah discusses some examples from his own life and helps to solidify how faith can help you in living an intentional life. Be sure to check out the list of literature below for further reading!


  • The power of discussions with your father

  • Dad jokes and toilet humor

  • Kids are the reflection of yourself

  • What the word “Faith” actually means

  • Everyone worships something

  • Your perception of reality shapes your values and morals

  • Why we need friends who can help us look outside of ourselves.

  • Doubt is a good thing

  • Using art to explore faith

  • Your heart knows what your mind is denying

  • The Psalms are ancient solutions to modern problems

  • Why faith is central to parenting

  • Be careful what you put in the “sponge”

  • Having a dialog with your children

  • Kids are adults in the making

  • Critical thinking and faith are not opposed to each other.

  • Developing a sense of community

  • “The Stories Are True.”

  • Do what you know to be right.

  • How to make your home where your kids friends what to hang out.


You can connect with Micah on Social Media

He's Micah Jelinek on Facebook and @micah.Jelinek on Instagram


David Foster Wallace- “Infinite Jest”

David Dark - “Life’s too short to pretend you’re not religious.”

Tim Keller- “The Reason for God” and “Making Sense of God”

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