GMGD 001 Anger with Vince Anila

In today's Good Men Great Dads Podcast episode we talk anger and emotions with Vince Anila. Vince is a husband and father,  the Executive Director of Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple, and a certified psychotherapist. Vince explains why we get angry, provides some techniques to calm yourself, and how to guide your children away from anger.

Show Notes


  • The anatomy of a discussion
  • You are not your brain
  • Why asking for help may be the most masculine thing you can do
  • Why we need a "fight or flight" response
  • Is there a threat here?
  • Emotional deregulation
  • Allowing children to experience a full range of emotions
  • Removing yourself from the situation
  • Why bars are set up the way they are
  • Using the "square" or "tactical" breathing technique


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Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple

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