Successful Men Lead by Example


Our Mission

The mission of Good Men, Great Dads is to foster men who are present and engaged and live life with purpose and passion. These men fulfill the needs of themselves, their family, and the community around them. Good Men, Great Dads will educate and facilitate growth in four key areas: Family, Fitness, Faith, and Finance (The Four F’s).  We will do so by helping men flourish in their personal and professional lives by instigating positive change by taking steps to enhance your skills in those four key areas. 

What We're ABOUT

  • Family- Creating connections with those you love and empowering them with the skills and tools to develop healthy habits and make sound choices.

  • Fitness- Physical and mental wellness prepare us for the rigors of life. We can't take care of others if we don't care for ourselves first.

  • Faith- Everyone believes in something unbelievable. Living with a sense of purpose allows us to discover and cultivate our natural talents and passions.

  • Finance- Money makes the world go 'round, but it doesn't have to own you. Making smart decisions today will set your family up for generations of success.