Why Are We Doing This?

Welcome to GoodMenGreatDads.com!

Good Men, Great Dads was initially created to simply connect like-minded men around relationship and parenting issues.  These men are in the trenches with the rest of us, asking the same questions about how to make this all work, and how to ultimately raise the wise, compassionate, and happy people that the world so desperately needs.

My goal with Good Men Great Dads, is to create an army of positive, engaged men who propagate a growth mindset in their everyday interactions, especially with their children.

As fathers, we are leaders in the home and community and our kids are watching and learning from our choices and habits.  Our daily endeavors will develop norms for our children and create their habits in the future. Good Men, Great Dads is a resource for men who wish to develop and garner a growth mindset by creating a network of like-minded, driven men. That growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and learning and cultivating new skills, ideas, and talents in the areas of Family, Fitness, Faith, and Finance (The Four F’s). This process of continuous improvement will allow you to benefit from the wisdom and experience of the community and better serve your family as you evolve in to the best version of yourself. You’ve heard the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”?  This is your village.


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